Custom Website or a No Code Self-Built Website: What Are The Main Differences?

Modern software applications that enable non-technical end-users to design, develop and implement websites, for their business or personal needs, have become popular over the last decade. With the advent of cloud...

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Visual Business Intelligence Dashboards or Reports: Which is Best for Your Business?

Reporting is the lifeblood of management in most businesses, in fact, it has become so important that many operations succeed or fail based on the quality of reporting received. The difference though between...

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What Business Metrics Should Be On Your Dashboard Right Now?

From a business management perspective, a dashboard system or view is essentially a software tool that compiles and summarizes information from other data sources and provides measurements for a decision-making user. Similar to the...

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Businesses have heard a lot of promises from the technology world over the years, ultimately underwhelming users.  Unlike magic tools offered by traveling salesmen reminiscent of the old western magic fix-all elixir seller, the Internet-of Things (IoT) has shown itself to be a very real and...

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One of my favorite things about Python is its amazing sub process module. As great as it may be though, I still don't want to have to write the same code twice. So, when working with sub processes in any language, I generally prefer to create a class that can handle everything for me. Here I'll...

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What Is DevOps and Why Is It Suddenly So Popular?

DevOps implies the combination of software development methodologies and cultural practices to create the capacity to deliver, and support, applications at high levels of speed and quality. DevOps has become integral in the software development...

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Developing Windows Forms collaboratively using machines with varying screen resolutions can lead to inadvertent (and automatic) changes to form layout, size and display being checked into source control. This leads to wasted development time and frustrated developers.

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Deciding Between Freelancers or Software Development Companies: What are The Pros and Cons of Each?

After coming up with a great product idea, the next step is to decide who will bring your idea to life. The two obvious options are a freelancer (or independent contractor) or a software...

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Has the Rise of the Agile SDLC Completely Replaced Waterfall Development?

Has traditional IT code development seen its last day with the establishment of Agile as a better way of doing business? It may very well be the case as the metrics on projects are proving on the performance side. And...

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Taming the Custom Software Project Beast

Taking on a custom development project is a huge task and one that oftentimes represents a career reputation activity for a CIO. No surprise, good CIOs tend to delay such projects until they know they are fully ready to go forward, reducing the chances of...

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