Custom Website or a No Code Self-Built Website: What Are The Main Differences?

Modern software applications that enable non-technical end-users to design, develop and implement websites, for their business or personal needs, have become popular over the last decade. With the advent of cloud...

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Visual Business Intelligence Dashboards or Reports: Which is Best for Your Business?

Reporting is the lifeblood of management in most businesses, in fact, it has become so important that many operations succeed or fail based on the quality of reporting received. The difference though between...

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What Business Metrics Should Be On Your Dashboard Right Now?

From a business management perspective, a dashboard system or view is essentially a software tool that compiles and summarizes information from other data sources and provides measurements for a decision-making user. Similar to the...

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What Is DevOps and Why Is It Suddenly So Popular?

DevOps implies the combination of software development methodologies and cultural practices to create the capacity to deliver, and support, applications at high levels of speed and quality. DevOps has become integral in the software development...

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Deciding Between Freelancers or Software Development Companies: What are The Pros and Cons of Each?

After coming up with a great product idea, the next step is to decide who will bring your idea to life. The two obvious options are a freelancer (or independent contractor) or a software...

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Taming the Custom Software Project Beast

Taking on a custom development project is a huge task and one that oftentimes represents a career reputation activity for a CIO. No surprise, good CIOs tend to delay such projects until they know they are fully ready to go forward, reducing the chances of...

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The Business Issue - What Are Soft Skills?

The modern corporate ecosystem is typically comprised of executives, senior managers and mid & entry level employees that have a myriad of abilities, backgrounds and hard skills. Each individual member makes up a team of workers whose abilities come...

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Companies across the globe depend on legacy software systems to support many of their core business functions. In fact, almost a full 70% of corporate software systems in use today are legacy applications [1].

With such a high amount of legacy software in use by firms, what does "legacy" mean...

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In today's business environments there are a great deal of tasks that often require little thought, and are completed by employees manually, many times throughout the day. Examples of these are keeping track of payroll, generating reports, entering contact information or recording invoices for...

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Interviews are challenging for everyone with candidates obligated to summarize a career’s worth of experience within a cohesive narrative while interviewers must evaluate what was said and not said against an array of factors ranging from the candidate’s emotional state to their technical...

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