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What the Future of Technology Holds

Every generation is shaped by the technology that was introduced during their time. For example, Baby Boomers were shaped by the introduction of the TV, Generation X was shaped by portable music (such as CDs and cassettes), Millennials were shaped by the...

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Positive Effects Of Technology That Has Changed Our Lives 

Technology can be a scary thing, especially for businesses that have found success doing things a certain way and are wary of changing their ways. Technology is also advancing at a rapid pace -- and sudden change is something that many...

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An End of An Era as Adobe Flash No Longer Supported by 2020

The World Wide Web/Internet has seen a variety of advanced modifications, optimizations and advancements over the past few decades, many of which have enhanced the user experience by providing a number of new features hard-baked into...

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The End Of Moore's Law And What Happens Next

Computer Technology, Computational Electronics, and Information Technology (IT) have radically transformed the daily operations of  end-users, small enterprises and large enterprises over the last 50 years. From the completion of daily workflows to...

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What is the Life Cycle of a Product’s Development?

When a company wants to successfully release a new product or service, there are a myriad of steps, phases and even models (or frameworks) associated with the Product Life Cycle. Within the lifespan of commercial products, from development to...

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What is Disruptive Technology?

Technology and Technological Systems not only affect end-users and consumers within different markets and industries, but have also had a significant impact upon SMEs and larger enterprises across the globe. Technology is not a disconnected, completely standalone...

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The Effects of Technology on Human Interaction, What are they?

Technology is more than an abstract concept associated with advanced tools and systems used by businesses and end-users for convenience and automation of complex tasks. It also shapes the way societies and people behave, grow,...

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Society and Technology:  Partners in Changing Our Lives

Ancient and modern human civilizations have both benefited from and been impeded by the technological innovations, inventions and engineering applications used within societies to perform specific tasks. For societies to thrive and evolve,...

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What is a Microprocessor and What You Need to Know

Almost everyone uses a computer these days, whether it's at home or at work. In fact, it's rare to run into someone that doesn't have access to a computer. We depend greatly on computers, especially in the business world. Yet few people really...

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Is MVP For Software Development Only Limited To New Startups?

Releasing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is something that many businesses are beginning to do, especially when it comes to new software and website design. It's seen as an effective way to minimize the loss of development costs and...

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