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The Effects of Technology on Human Interaction, What are they?

Technology is more than an abstract concept associated with advanced tools and systems used by businesses and end-users for convenience and automation of complex tasks. It also shapes the way societies and people behave, grow,...

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Society and Technology:  Partners in Changing Our Lives

Ancient and modern human civilizations have both benefited from and been impeded by the technological innovations, inventions and engineering applications used within societies to perform specific tasks. For societies to thrive and evolve,...

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What is a Microprocessor and What You Need to Know

Almost everyone uses a computer these days, whether it's at home or at work. In fact, it's rare to run into someone that doesn't have access to a computer. We depend greatly on computers, especially in the business world. Yet few people really...

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Is MVP For Software Development Only Limited To New Startups?

Releasing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is something that many businesses are beginning to do, especially when it comes to new software and website design. It's seen as an effective way to minimize the loss of development costs and...

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What is a Scope of Work Document?

If you're hiring someone to do a project for your business (like creating an app or redesigning your website, to name a few examples), then you'll need to put together a scope of work document. A scope of work document is an agreement between you and a...

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How Much Does Software Development Cost?

In this day and age, even smaller companies can benefit from investing in custom software solutions. Custom software can increase company-wide efficiency, increase innovation, and reach new customers. However, the challenge of such an undertaking often...

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Predictions and Trends on the Future of Cloud Computing

There have been many advances in computer technology over the past decade or so, but one of the biggest to have transformed the technological landscape is cloud computing. It’s a term that people are becoming more and more familiar as it...

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How Can You Apply Lean Product Development Approaches To Your Business?

Lean product development is a strategy that follows a group of principles, the main focus of which is to reduce waste and shorten production times while maximizing value. These days, companies understand that efficiency...

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How to Get Into Quantum Computing: Impacts on Your Business

Like many new technologies often do, quantum computing sounds like science fiction. There’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase “quantum physics,” and there’s also a good chance that you’re not quite sure what it is. Not many people...

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The Future of Quantum Computing: How we are Gearing To It

Computing technology has been advancing at a rapid pace ever since the very first computers were built. Even today, computer technology is constantly being updated and improved. However, there is one type of computing technology that will...

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