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11 Ideas About to Happen that Will Change how we see the  the Technology of the Future

For a long time, science fiction is what gave us a view of the future of technology. However, technology has advanced so far and at such a fast rate that it can be difficult to keep up with current technology,...

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What Is Loose Coupling?

Loose coupling refers to the connection between components of a system or network, such as software applications or hardware. It's an approach in which components (or elements), although connected, aren't dependent on one another. These components interact to create a...

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Our goal to become Denver’s most trusted custom software development consulting firm. Because Colorado is an important part of our identity, we also focus on hiring and developing local talent. This helps us maintain a large group of experts who are constantly learning from each other and help...

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The Scope of a Project

If you're planning a new project, such as a new app or a new website, it's a good idea to define the scope of your project. By defining the scope of your project, you'll have a much clearer picture of how big the project will be, and what will be the specific project...

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Technology Ethics and Business

Most businesses are well aware of business ethics. Unfortunately, some companies have a habit of foregoing business ethics in favor of profit as long as they aren't overstepping any legal boundaries. These days, the reputation of a business is more affected by poor...

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Knowing the Signs to Answer the Question: Is Society too Dependent on Technology?

Trying to imagine what life would be like without technology is practically impossible. We are so dependent on technology that it's become an integral part of our lives. Technology has made life easier, more...

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The Relationship of Technology and Social Change

If you look at the past century, you'll be hard-pressed to disagree when it comes to the massive leaps we have made both in technological advancements (the 20th century alone saw the invention of the assembly line, the first flight, the moon...

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The Symbiosis of Technology and Privacy

The recent century has seen an explosion in the magnitude and quality of advanced technologies that have helped to greatly increase both personal and business workflows and projects. All forms of businesses - including SMEs and larger enterprises - across...

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What does MVP Development mean for Existing Companies?

In a market that's crowded with companies regularly releasing new products on a yearly basis, standing out from the crowd can become a real challenge. It's why existing companies need to implement MVP (minimum viable product) development...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Application Development

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Microsoft Power BI Can Benefit and Improve Your Organization

In this digital age, data is one of the most important and critical assets a business can collect, analyze, and harness to develop more practical, cost-effective and efficient strategies for the future. With the advent of more robust...

Posted in Microsoft, Custom Software Solutions, Custom Software Development, Application Development

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