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.Net Core is Improving Software Development and is Good for Business

Current software development frameworks and stacks, which are used by development firms and organizations alike as solutions for software application engineering, often offer features and functionalities that allow the business...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Business ROI, Application Development

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Change the Way You Do Business with Microsoft Azure Data Factory

In order for SMEs - and larger enterprises - to both compete and succeed in the global ecosystem of the current market, it is a requisite for these enterprises to utilize advanced technological systems. Modern businesses and...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Software Architecture, Productivity

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How to use a Business Intelligence Dashboard to Measure Your Team's Productivity

Operating a successful business requires that your team maintains a certain level of productivity. If their productivity drops off, your business will become less efficient, which, in turn, can not only hurt your...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Portals & Websites, Productivity

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Levels of AutomatedTesting You Should Expect from Your Custom Software Developer

Like most businesses, it is likely your operations depend heavily on the software you use, from your CRM software to your accounting software and more. Unfortunately, no software program is perfect. It's why...

Posted in Leadership, Custom Software Development, Productivity

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What Sets Angular, React, Node, and Vue.JS Apart and Which One is Right for You?

The software and web development landscape has been radically altered in the past decades with the evolution of higher level, easier to learn, dynamic scripting languages, different, highly-advanced APIs, platforms,...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Custom Software Development, Application Development

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What You Need to Know About Comparing PHP and ASP.NET

Small, medium and large enterprises in today’s globalized, digital market have a myriad of choices when choosing the most appropriate software/enterprise application or system for the corporate projects and the development of products or...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Custom Software Development, Application Development

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What Exactly is ASP.NET and Why Should You Use it For Your Business Software?

Creating dynamic websites and customized applications is an ability most businesses not only want, but need. ASP.NET allows exactly that. ASP.NET is an open source framework that allows users to create feature-rich...

Posted in Custom Software Development, Application Development

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We Take a Snapshot View of 10 Open Source or Free Business Dashboard Tools

Your business intelligence dashboard is a very useful way to get an overview of your company's performance. It allows you to customize what types of data are displayed for easy analysis of different facets of your...

Posted in Portals & Websites, Application Development, Productivity

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Productivity Software in a World of SaaS Based Solutions

At its very core, productivity is the effectiveness at which your employees do their job. The more productive your employees are, the more efficient your business tends to be. However, measuring productivity and figuring out ways to...

Posted in Custom Software Development, Applications, Productivity

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Collaborate Better in Microsoft SharePoint With These Tips

Over the last decade, a large number of novel enterprise software applications, business suites, and robust Information Technology (IT) platforms have been created by a number of vendors, giving rise to new workplace opportunities, more...

Posted in Microsoft, Business ROI, Software Architecture, Application Development

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