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5 Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the Face of Business as We Know It

The modern ecosystem of global enterprises is changing due to several novel technological breakthroughs that have recently emerged. Businesses must choose to either adapt as technological innovations continue to...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Business ROI, Internet of Things

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So How Does Machine Learning Work?

Machine learning still gives 'the uninitiated' the impression of computers taking over the world, which was fantasized in the movie series Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, in reality, machine learning is already here and being used regularly all...

Posted in Software Development, Custom Software Development, Internet of Things

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Businesses have heard a lot of promises from the technology world over the years, ultimately underwhelming users.  Unlike magic tools offered by traveling salesmen reminiscent of the old western magic fix-all elixir seller, the Internet-of Things (IoT) has shown itself to be a very real and...

Posted in Custom Software Solutions, Application Development, Internet of Things

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