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Microsoft Power BI Can Benefit and Improve Your Organization

In this digital age, data is one of the most important and critical assets a business can collect, analyze, and harness to develop more practical, cost-effective and efficient strategies for the future. With the advent of more robust...

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Collaborate Better in Microsoft SharePoint With These Tips

Over the last decade, a large number of novel enterprise software applications, business suites, and robust Information Technology (IT) platforms have been created by a number of vendors, giving rise to new workplace opportunities, more...

Posted in Business ROI, Microsoft, Application Development, Software Architecture

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Developing Windows Forms collaboratively using machines with varying screen resolutions can lead to inadvertent (and automatic) changes to form layout, size and display being checked into source control. This leads to wasted development time and frustrated developers.

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.NET Core is Microsoft’s next major version of .NET.  There are many new things to be excited about.  It's modular, it has flexible deployment, it’s open sourced and, of course, Microsoft supports it.  What excites me the most however is that it is now platform independent.  What does this...

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Software technologies to meet business needs abound. If you’re looking for one that can effectively accomplish what your business needs it to, or solve issues your business is having, making a choice can be confusing. Once you do make a choice, how can you be sure it is the correct one? Can you...

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